Interior Design: Ways to make a family-friendly games room

In an effort to promote family togetherness, many families are adding games rooms to their homes. Sometimes this can be a space repurposed or a specific space built into the home, either way, game rooms can provide a place for families to congregate and enjoy each other’s company. When designing a gaming room it is […]

Combating Climate Change With Energy-Efficient Windows

Somerset has had a tough time lately with the amount of rain falling in such a short span of time. Recent news shows many roads in Yeovil have been flooded, and cars are finding it difficult to pass. Are the extreme wet weather in Somerset and recent floods in Yeovil caused by climate change? The […]

How to Cut Your Energy Costs Effectively

With the cruelty of winter upon you and your energy bill rising with every passing day, there are some effective ways that you can cut energy costs with a few simple steps and a little hard work.  You work very hard for your money and finding ways to make your budget stretch further is becoming […]

Choosing a Playhouse for the Boys

There are two distinctly different arguments about preparing playhouses for boys. Some people will expect you to look at all the stereotypes for boys and stay with car mechanics, knights in castles and colours that don’t involve pink. On the other hand there is also a good discussion that it is best not to prepare […]

How to Transform a Log Cabin into a Garden Office

The ever increasing cost of transportation to get to work and back each day is causing more people to ask their company if they can work from home. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs during the past few years, but there is a brighter side to this as more and more people are setting […]

How to Choose Between a Summerhouse and a Log Cabin

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a garden room, you might find it difficult to choose between a log cabin and the vast range of summer houses that manufacturers display on their websites. It is easier to make the decision between which models to purchase if you understand why you want to add the […]

Prepare Your Shed For Winter

During the summer, you’ll be in and out of your shed every other day and all across the weekend. As the autumn comes to an end you’ll be putting your mower away after the last grass cutting of the year. During winter, it’s quite easy to forget all about your shed, but if you do, […]

Tips for Choosing Fire Alarm Systems

Introduction The consequences of fire in a home or workplace can, of course, be devastating. Fires in the home, alone, kill around 700 people and injure a further 10,000 every. Obvious causes of fire in the home include chip pans and smoking, but fire can equally be caused by faulty electrical equipment, including heaters, microwaves, […]

How to Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper can make a tremendous difference to the appearance of any room. The almost unlimited combinations of colors and patterns available give you the scope to decorate your home in exactly the way you want. Many people see the task of hanging wallpaper as too daunting and call in a contractor to do it. It […]

Create Your Garden Oasis This Summer

With summer in full swing you’re sure to be spending time in the garden, relaxing or getting together with family and friends for a barbecue. If you feel inspired to do something extra special in your garden this year, you could consider a hot tub. For those of us who don’t have the space, or […]